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Listed below is an overview of NetBookings' Products and Services. 

I. Online Availability

NetBookings seamlessly integrates an availability calendar into your web site, enabling guests to check availability at any time, day or night. The calendar may be easily added to your web site as well as any additional sites where you may have your property listed. 

Features include:

  • A color-coded Availability Calendar indicating if you have availability for the requested dates 
  • Pictures and detailed descriptions of rooms available 
  • Rate amounts and descriptions 
  • Area where you can highlight information about policies, current promotions, etc. 
  • Supports minimum length of stays 
  • Appropriate rate is displayed to the guest based on the date, number of guests, and number of nights requested (e.g., seasonal rates, weekend rates, discounts for extended stays, etc.) 
Refer to the following web sites for examples:

Casa Sedona - Sedona, AZ

Sleepy Hollow Bed & Breakfast - Gananoque, ON

Walnut Lane Inn - Lyman, SC

Prairie Queen Bed & Breakfast - Leavenworth, KS

Scenic Valley Inn - Manhattan, KS

The Manor at Tabor Hill - Nashville, IN

II. Reservation
Requests or Real-Time Bookings - You decide which option you prefer!

NetBookings offers you the choice between online real time bookings and online requests. It is up to you whether guests are allowed to confirm the reservation directly online or only request the reservation which requires a final confirmation from you. 

Reservation Request Features include:

  • Guests request their reservations online 
  • Availability Calendar automatically holds the reservation for them, pending your approval 
  • Immediate summary of the reservation request is emailed (or faxed) to the guests and Innkeeper stating it is only a request and the Innkeeper will get back with them with a final confirmation or other availability. 

Real-Time Booking Features include:

  • Guests are able to Book their reservations online 
  • Availability Calendar is automatically updated 
  • Immediate confirmation emailed (or faxed) to the guest and Innkeeper 
  • Reservation details and guest information is automatically stored 
III. Integrated Availability Calendars - Designed for owners of multiple properties, associations or groups of inns.

NetBookings provides the ability for owners of multiple properties, associations, or groups of Inns to display their availability in an integrated calendar format. This allows guests to search for accommodations across several lodging properties at the same time, creating a significant benefit for the guests, properties, and/or association.

This feature is also a great benefit for Inns or Bed & Breakfasts who refer guests to other properties when they are booked for the date the guest want. This not only provides an additional service to the guest but also helps to keep the reservation within the group of inns or properties you work most closely with.

Features include:

  • The ability to check availability at other Inns you work closely with when you are booked, so you know where to refer guests to.
  • Ability for guests to check availability at several properties at the same time and receive a list of those with availability for their requested dates 
  • Detailed information about the Inns including, pictures, descriptions and rates 
  • Direct link to the Inn's web site for additional information 
  • Option for guests to reserve or request the reservation online. The phone number and email link of the property is also provided if the guest prefers to call or send an email.

Demo: Fletcher Place Bed & Breakfast Association


IV. Online Guest Management System - An online application accessible from any Internet connection, rather than being limited to just your local pc.

GMS Features include:

Easily tracks your guest and reservation activity, including availability, rates, property information, source of bookings, notes about reservations and guests, etc.

Secured online access through a User Name and Password 

Works within a PC and MAC environment 

Ability to manage all of your necessary guest, reservation, rates, reservation activity, etc. from any Internet connection 

Print out detailed reports and address labels

Designed to allow you to use as much or as little of it as you want, depending on your individual needs 

V. Automatic Interfaces with other GMS Software - Are you already using Property Management or Guest Management Software and want to add Online Availability at an affordable price? NetBookings provides a Free interface with several GMS and PMS systems, some of them are listed below.

  • RezOvation, RezStream, Guest Tracker, GuestALL, & InnKontrol



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